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Until recently the Orangefield Technology Team operated under the name USA2Europe, as an independent company of experts specializing in expansion support for growing US technology firms. Since their launch in 2004, USA2Europe was instrumental in helping numerous North American companies to successfully establish and run subsidiaries, offices and operations across Europe, Asia, and South America. USA2Europe joined Orangefield in July 2015. As part of Orangefield's international expansion team they occupy a vital role as our technology support specialists.

Our team of tech industry veterans provides expansion services for growing technology companies. We are specialized in guiding technology start-ups and have over a decade of experience in guiding tech start-ups in their international expansion.

Start-up support

Start-ups have specific needs when they are starting up abroad; above all, they need to stay flexible. They need to be able to set up and test overseas while keeping initial investment low. At Orangefield we offer scalable, cost-effective international accounting, payroll, tax, HR, legal, and back-office services. Our support enables our clients to stay flexible while they grow their business overseas. We specialize in providing critical business support and guidance through key launch phases and help start-up companies to strategically access and expand to new markets.

Through providing strategic counsel beyond our services and support, we have become a trusted partner to start-up companies that often need more guidance through key growth phases, and M&A activities.


Why the Orangefield Technology Team?

We've got all the bases covered 

From finance to legal, HR and tax, our local experts take care of everything leaving you time to concentrate on the things that matter most to your business. 

We keep you compliant 

It can take years to familiarize yourself with local tax regimes and statutory filing requirements in each country. We’ll help you to avoid costly tax and reporting mistakes. 

We understand US corporate culture 

As individuals, we've worked at senior levels within finance departments for US-headquartered companies with international operations around the globe. 

Our reach is truly global 

Through our network of service providers and local experts, we currently support more than 200 legal entities in over 40 countries. 

We keep it simple 

With Orangefield as a partner, you never have to deal with multiple service providers. All fees and communications are managed through a dedicated single point of contact. 

Talk to an Orangefield Expert

Are you planning to set up business abroad? Or just gathering information about how and where you might start? We would be happy to hear about your plans and discuss how Orangefield can help.

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